Catalogue of services

Foreword by our Chief Executive

Traduc-Co was born of the esteem that we have of professions involving languages, notably translation, interpretation and training. As essential tools of trade between individuals, groups, communities and variousinterest groups of diverse origins, these professions are indispensable in this era of globalisation. To effectively assist you, our team has developed various services, as evidenced by thiscatalogue that our company puts at your disposal at competitive rates. We rely on the competent women and men with vast experience in their fieldsto achieve our vision, which is to excel in service of our clients.
Because you are our reason for being and that we intend to meet your professional and training requirements, we have undertaken huge investments in user-friendly advanced technological equipment. Our simultaneous interpretation equipment, our sound equipment for events and our audio-visual devices are proof of this.
Traduc-Co is also a dynamic, devoted, available and experienced team working with top consultants to meet your needs. You need not worry about finding a service provider to cover your multilingual meetings, ensure your language training and that of your employees or your children or enliven your events. Traduc-Co is the best in the business. You will feel right at home with us!
Thank you for your trust!
Dr Koffi Mamadou KOUAKOU


Who are we?

TRADUC-CO is a translation, interpretation, editing and training firm that provideslanguageengineering services targeting all kinds of companies and learners to support them in their interactions with their partners and clients. We aim to ensure that their business dealings are lucrative. For this, all our services target a single thing: to remove the language barrier and give our clients means to communicate clearly, quickly and efficiently with their partners.

Our location

We are located in Deux-plateaux, not far fromBoulevard Latrille, at the intersection of J 33 & J 70 streets, within theSicogi complex, Duplex N°293


Organisational Structure


Our staff

Human resources are the cornerstones of every company. As an organisation of learning and of learners, TRADUC-CO has skilled human resources to achieve its vision and meet its clients’ requirements.

Management Board[MK1]: It defines the firm’s strategic guidelines, its duties, monitors the balance sheet of business activities and develops projects and outlooks. It upholds the firm’s brand image, works towards its sustainability and the well being of our staff.

The Chief Executive: he coordinates the implementation of the plan set out for every financial year. He coordinates the recruitment of interpreters and translators and forms work teams.

The Director: He is in charge of the firm’s day to day administrative management; determines payments that he approves in consultation with the Chief Executive; he handles asset management and reports to the Chief Executive and the Management Board.

The interpreters, translators, proof-readers, reviewers and their assistants: their titles and tasks are self-explanatory.
The administrative assistant: she receives all documents (pre and post translation) and ensures that they are delivered and archived.

The sales assistant: she is in charge of outreach as well asbuilding and maintaining relationships with clients.
The accounts assistant: manages billing and bookkeeping, liaises with social and tax partners and handles payments and recoveries.

The IT specialists and technicians: the former manage IT solutions as well as the computing portfolio and the latter are in charge of the maintenance and upgrading of conferencing technical equipment.

The driver/messenger: he is in charge of transportation and delivery relating to the firm’s activities. He handles the day to day maintenance of the vehicle(s). He must have an appropriate demeanour and attire.

The maintenance staff: he watches over the appearance of the firm, ensuring the cleanliness of the grounds.

The guards: they manage the security of the firm’s premises and its equipment.


Overview of our offices




Large training room


Administrative Secretariat


Accounts Department





Our translators work mainly in three languages (English, French and Portuguese) and our services are carried out by fast, efficient and certified professionals who have worked for large international organisations such as the African Union, the IMF, AfDB, ECOWAS, COMESA, etc. We offer the following services:

- Translation in the context of meetings, conferences, exhibitions, seminars or trainings

- Certified translation of official documents (certificates, administrative as well as legal and statutory documents, etc.) visa applications and school enrolment

- Website translations for many associations, agricultural research organisations, NGOs and institutions

- Translation of accounting, financial and audit documents for world-class firms

- Translation of books for publishing houses and monthly newsletters for publication

Our strengths

We respect the confidentiality of your documents
We have internal editors and proof-readers for quality control
We offer packages for meetings
We meet deadlines
We work round the clock



We work with independent interpreters well known in the academic and professional fields interpretation for the quality of their work. We offer the following services:

- Simultaneous interpretation

- Consecutive interpretation

- Accompanied interpretation

- Rental of brand new advanced interpretation equipment

Our strengths

We have interpreters who are well known in the business for their competence

For guided tours and accompanied interpretation, we offer reliable, ultra lightweight wireless equipment that installs in fifteen (15) minutes.

Some shots of our equipment:


Image 1 of the booth


Image 2 of the booth



Images of the entrance to the booth


Image of the inside of the booth


Table booth

Brähler is a German company recognised the world over for the reliability and durability of its equipment.
This equipment can be used in regular meetings that have up to 100 participants.


Image of the inside of the booth with microphones, headphones and console units used by our interpreters


Microphone, delegate’s receiver


Delegate’s receiver


Image of the equipment setup


Brähler Control Unit


Infrared for the delegates’ earpieces (Brähler)


Headphones for the interpreters (William Sound)


Image of the interpreters headpiece and receiver (William Sound)


Image of the William Sound equipment setup


William Sound wireless microphone and delegate receiver


Delegate receiver (William Sound)


Headset microphone for speaker


William Sound control unit


Image of loudspeaker in the corner of the room


Image 1 of the room during the ARA conference in June 2014 (William Sound)


Image 2 of the room during the ARA conference in June 2014 (William Sound)


Image 1 of the room during the CDJS conference at IBIS Plateau in July 2014 (William Sound)


Image 2 of the room during the CDJS conference at IBIS Plateau in July 2014 (William Sound)



What we offer is innovative and covers the following:

• Basic English, French and Portuguese
• Intensive English, French and Portuguese for travel
• Communication techniques
• Business English and Portuguese
• Legal and medical English
• English and Portuguese for hostesses and secretaries
• Writing techniques
• Translation techniques for secretaries and executive assistants


Image of a training session in the VIP Room 2
»Sound system

Our sound system equipment comes with a generator that supports the whole system in the event of a power outage and works well in different sound environments: a float, outdoors, in a stadium and indoors and even exhibitions. Visit our equipment room to get a better idea of our entire sound system range.


Image of the sound system equipment


Image 1 of Woodin fashion show in August 2014


Image 2 of Woodin fashion show in August 2014


Image 1 of the early childhood exhibition in May 2014 with the AOS Group

Image 2 of the early childhood exhibition in May 2014 with the AOS Group


Image 1 of the sound system equipment control unit


Image 2 of the sound system equipment control unit


Image of the 51 inch LED flat screen

Image of the video projector


Image of the 5KVA generator  


Traduc-Co is at your service and looks forward to a mutually beneficial partnership with you. Our company will ensure quality services that will meet your requirements. We are the best in the business.

Trust us for guaranteed results!