The Team

Organizational Chart of TRADUC-CO



The various stakeholders of the firm:

Human resources are the driving force of every business enterprise. As a learning company made up of learners, TRADUC-CO has high quality human resources to achieve its vision and meet the demands of its clients.
Management Board: It lays down the strategic policy guidelines of the company including its missions; it controls business activities and develops business plans and prospects. It defends the brand image of the company and works towards the sustainability and well-being of the personnel.
Managing Director: He coordinates the implementation of the plan developed for every financial year. He directly coordinates the recruitment of interpreters and translators and also puts together working teams.
Administrator: He is in charge of the day-to-day running of the company and decides on payments which are done in consultation with the Managing Director; he manages the resources and reports to the Managing Director and the Management Board.
Interpreters, Translators and Proofreaders: Their duties are quite obvious by the names they bear.
Translation Assistant: He works directly under the Translator who needs his/her services; the two persons collaborate in the translation assignment. The Translation Assistant ensures data capture and formatting of a dictated/typed translation and also takes part in the correction of the translation before it is submitted to proofreaders.
Administrative Assistant: She receives documents (to be translated as well as translated ones), dispatches them and ensures their archiving.
Computer Specialist and Technicians: whilst the former provides computer solutions and takes care of the information technology equipment, the latter ensure maintenance and upgrading of technical tools for conferences.
Driver/Messenger: His duty is to provide transport services in relation to the business activities of the company. He ensures routine maintenance of the vehicle/vehicles. His dress code must be appropriate and decent.
Cleaner: He takes care of the image of the Company by ensuring that the office environment is clean.

Security staff: They ensure security of the Company premises and equipment.

Some members of the team are as follows:

Mr. Kouakou, Managing Director, Translator-Interpreter
Mr. Soumahoro, Translator
Mr. Kouma Bruno, Assistant Translator
Ms. Sarah Liassidi, Administrative Assistant
Ms. Emeline Miessan, Accounting and Sales Assistant